WiFi Systems

Bringing a fast, reliable and secure WiFi connection to your home and business.

Fast wireless internet connectivity for your home, guests and employees. Stay connected via our WiFi systems everywhere.


WiFi Systems to extend internet access throughout your hotel, restaurant or cafe. Provide access for your WiFi enabled smart TVs, WiFi internet phones, Wireless POS systems and all your guests to stream videos and music, be more productive or simply surf the web.


Tired of spotty and slow internet? It's not your computer, it's your WiFi signal. With our WiFi systems you will have a strong and reliable WiFi connection throughout your home and around your property.


WiFi access systems for your workplace. We provide complete WiFi system installation and implementation for your office environment, call center, stadium, event venue or distribution center.


With iPads and tablets replacing textbooks, WiFi internet in the education sector is becoming more popular. Provide your entire campus with WiFi access. Our solution is great for grade school, private school, universities and learning centers.

Complete Equipment Integration

We provide complete installation of WiFi systems. Our wireless access points integrate easily with your existing network equipment and infrastructure. We program our WiFi systems to work with all of the wireless devices you want to utilize on the network. Additionally, we implement wireless internet phone systems, WiFi point of sale systems and IP cameras hence providing your business with a complete technology solution.

Managed WiFi Systems

Control who logs in and when. Manage what websites your guests are allowed to visit and what content they are able to stream. Have your guests agree to terms and sign-in via a web portal before they can enjoy WiFi access. This reduces your entities liability and is especially useful for hotel, education and restaurant scenarios.

Secure, Fast and Reliable

Enjoy up to 5Gbps real aggregate wireless throughput on our super capacity WiFi transmitters. Low latency technology and up to a 1,500 wireless client capacity for improved performance and WiFi connectivity for large crowds. Tools included for real-time monitoring, utilization analytic s and intrusion detection/prevention. A WiFi system that self-monitors for potential malicious activity and auto selects broadcast channels for the best network performance.

WiFi Systems