#1 Security Cameras in Tampa

Attain an image resolution that is incomparable to conventional video surveillance with an IP security camera system. If you're going to catch the bad guys, the details do matter. Our IP security cameras are True 1080p resolution and better. With High definition security cameras, faces are clearer, license plates are legible*, the colors and key elements are more distinguishable. Watch the following videos on Youtube in 1080p HD resolution for an accurate representation of video quality.

Introducing the A1 Security Camera Line-up

A1osis security cameras provide crystal clear images in 1080p Resolution. Among all the different standards, 1080p is the highest resolution. Our line-up offers quality night-vision unparalleled to any other video surveillance camera. And with real-time fluid video surveillance (@ 30fps) you can ensure you won't miss any important footage. Connect up to 64 cameras using our recorder software. Since the cameras are network based you can add cameras to your system later on without having to purchase new dvr recorder hardware. A1osis security cameras are weatherproof, dust-proof, vandal-proof and outperform other cameras in the harshest of environments. View the cameras practically anytime and anywhere on your TV's, Phones, Tablets, computers and other devices.

Security Camera Installation Services

We provide security camera installation services in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Whether you buy our products or not, our A1 team of installers is here to handle your video surveillance installation. No wire messes, professional guidance and a custom tailored solution are some of the pros to having us install your security camera system. Additionally, with an A1OSIS surveillance system you can expect a simple yet robust setup that will help prevent you and your family from being victimized. With a state of the art surveillance system provided by A1osis, you will prepare yourself for the inevitable while protecting your family and treasured assets with clear and reliable video data that can be used to serve justice.

Gallery of Working Examples

The Installer and Materials Used Do Make A Difference

With so many surveillance equipment options on the market it's important to do your research. Though, even with the best equipment an improper installation and poor quality materials will make your new HD camera system look like a low end analog system. Cable quality, fittings, electrical interference and other factors affect your installation. To get the crisp and clear pictures you're looking for, make sure your installer has experience providing quality installs; ask to see working references.

The A1 Surveillance Program Has You Covered

  • Daily camera system picture quality check
  • Daily remote accessibility check
  • Weekly recording verification
  • Monthly security camera lens cleaning
  • Expedited service and repair
  • 25% discount on additional cameras and camera equipment

Don't wait for break/fix scenarios. Be proactive, minimize downtime and save money while you're doing it. Ask about our A1 Surveillance Program when purchasing a new security camera system.