D-130 IP Security Camera

See More. See it Crystal Clear.

Full HD 1080p Resolution

Among all the different standards 1080p is the highest resolution. Expect pristine clarity from 1080p images found on the D-130 IP camera.

Ultra Wide Angle Images

The D-130 provides a much greater area of visibility than traditional surveillance cameras. Fewer cameras capture more total area.

Premium Indoor Night Vision

36 Infrared LED Lights combined with a 3 megapixel chip give the D-130 high quality night vision suitable for any indoor environment.

Weatherproof & Robust

Harsh Climate Proof

The D-130 IP Camera performs flawlessly in chilling lows of –4 degrees and in high temperatures of 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dust and Water Tight

The D-130 is Insulated and IP66 rated to protect against water and dust according to the Ingress Protection rating system.

Vandal-proof Design

Heavy duty metals protect the D-130 IP camera from vandalism. Its shock absorbent design shields the internal components.

Video Examples

Watch the following videos on Youtube in 1080p HD resolution for an accurate representation of video quality.