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The all-in-one, cloud-based phone solution built to exceed the expectations of business.

The easy-to-set-up and manage, productive, cost-efficient way for your staff and clients to connect and work together.

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System Features

*Unlimited Domestic Calls *Pre-Config Phones *Internet Fax *Conference Calling *Memo on Call *Voicemail

Auto Attendant

*Custom Main Greeting *Unlimited Extensions *Follow-Me Features *After-Hours Mode *Voice Studio

Internet Fax

*Separate Number *Faxes are Emailed *Send Faxes Online *Faxes are Archived *No Fax Machine

Cost Savings

*No Upfront Costs *No Maintenance Costs *60% Saving on Line Costs *Save on International Calls *No Contracts

Why VoIP?

*Cost Savings *More Features *Faster Activation *Scalable Solutions *Download Datasheet *Service Overview *White Paper


A1osis Business Phone is loaded with fantastic features including the latest innovations.

Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Calls Anywhere in the USA and Canada

  • Make and receive unlimited calls to and from any number in the USA and Canada.

Cloud-Based Enterprise Phone System

  • Utilize all the features of a fully-loaded enterprise hardware PBX system.
  • A cutting-edge, unified communication tool.
  • The A1osis phone system is feature-rich and future-proof.
  • There are no upfront costs, and installation is hassle-free.

Never Miss a Call — Quick and Easy Programming

  • Forward calls from your business phone system to your mobile, landline, or VoIP.
  • You can forward calls to all your phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially.
  • Calls can ring your mobile phone for 2 rings, and then ring your landline for 3 rings, etc.
  • Calls can ring all your numbers simultaneously — you can answer using any phone.
  • If you miss a call, it’s sent to a professional voicemail system and then emailed to you.
  • If your receptionist misses a call and doesn’t call back within 15 minutes, you’ll get a text.

Convey a Professional Image at All Times

  • Present a professional image with a system that greets callers with a custom greeting.
  • Provide your callers with options, such as "press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service."
  • Routes callers to you by forwarding calls to one phone, several phones, or all your phones.
  • Caller ID tells you that it is a business call so you can answer the call professionally.
  • If you don’t answer a call, your callers will be greeted with a professional voicemail.
  • You’ll get an email of the voicemail so you can call them back at your convenience.
  • You can also use our app to call from your mobile phone with your business caller ID.
  • In the office, at home, or on the move, you will always convey a professional image.

Separate Internet Fax Number

  • When you receive a fax it will be converted to a PDF and emailed to you.
  • You can send and access faxes from your mobile phone or your computer.
  • You can also send faxes to any fax number, at any time, from anywhere.
  • There are no extra charges for a separate fax line, fax machine, or toners.

Unified Communication

  • A1osis Unified Communication includes video conferencing, chat, text, and presence.
  • Our UC has the latest WebRtc tech — no need for software downloads or to create users.
  • Your prospects or clients simply click a button to start a video conference with you.
  • Quick and easy, you can effortlessly share your screen to do sales or product demos.

Conference Calling

  • Easy conference call setup with up to 10 people at any time.
  • You can use this to train your clients or conduct a sales meeting.

Memo On Call (Patented)

  • An exclusive feature, Memo On Call allows you to record notes after you end a call.
  • So, if you’re on the road and can’t take down notes, just record a memo after the call.
  • Your notes can be easily accessed at any time, from any place, after your call ends.

Call Queue Feature

  • You have the option of setting up a queue on any extension you choose.
  • Multiple calls? They’ll be placed in a queue and routed to your phone on a first come, first served basis.

Voice Quality in HD

  • Several A1osis phones are HD enabled, which means that voice quality is crystal clear.

Select from a Range of VoIP Phones and Devices

  • Our phones are pre-configured — simply plug them into the Internet and start working.
  • Choose from our wide selection of phones, or you can choose to buy your own phone.


  • You can set up a specific extension for every department or every employee.
  • Each extension can have a specific message and voicemail delivery settings.

Return Your Calls with the Press of a Button

  • Simply dial *69 to call back the last caller.

Transfer Calls

  • Transfer a call by pressing the transfer button and the extension.
  • You can even transfer calls to a mobile phone, or any other phone number.

Features on Our Phones

3-Way Calling Call Transfer Hold Music
Caller Name Speed Dial Speakerphone
Off-Hook Call Placements Call Mute Distinctive Rings

Toll-Free Number

  • A toll-free number offers a big-company image to clients who want to contact you free of charge from anywhere.
  • We offer a variety of toll-free number types, from 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 prefixes to vanity numbers.
  • A vanity number is a phone number that spells a name such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-855-COMPANY.

Local Number

  • A local number can drive sales by providing a local presence in any target city.
  • Clients use local numbers as a key part of geographically targeted advertising.
  • We provide numbers for all major cities, which can be forwarded to any number.

Call Forwarding — Never Miss a Call

  • You can have your phone system follow you wherever you go around the world.

Call Blast/Call Hunt

  • This feature allows you to call up to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially and you can answer any of them.
  • You can set up the phone to ring to your mobile phone, work phone, and home phone, so you don't have to worry about missing a call.

Call Routing Extension

  • Distribute calls evenly across your sales/customer service staff.
  • This feature also enables you to place multiple calls on hold.

Call Screening

  • This feature allows you to decide what you want to do with a call.
  • You can answer a call, put it on hold, or even send it to voicemail.
  • You can also hear the caller's name or number before you answer.

Listen To Voicemails Wirelessly

  • With our wireless play feature you can listen to any message using your iPhone, Blackberry, or other PDA.

Web-Based Administration

  • The online account manager gives you full control over any PBX feature at any time.
  • View all call details and account transactions, change the routing, and listen to voicemails.
  • All details are posted in real time, and account changes are also modified in real time.

Informational Extensions

  • You can set up specific extensions that provide pre-recorded information to callers 24/7.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to directions to your location or opening hours.

Online Call Reports

  • You can review your usage and call statistics reports using our user-friendly, online web interface.
  • We offer a full range of reports for analyzing your sales and promotions and monitoring call centres.

After-Hours Mode

  • This feature allows you to set up your phone system for a very specific time of day.
  • For example, you can set the system up to provide a different after-hours greeting.

Voicemail Delivery

  • This message delivery service sends voicemails in MP3 format directly to any e-mail address(es) you choose.

Call Recording

  • Need to remember what is said during a call? Our call recording feature is very handy when you need to remember key points from a phone call.

Click to Call

  • Our Call Me Button service allows people visiting your website to submit their phone number to your website and instantly connect to a company representative.

Voice Studio

  • Using the voice studio, you can choose a voice talent which greets your customers in a professional way.

Dial-by-Name Directory

  • This feature allows a caller to access your company directory and find the person they’re looking for by dialing the first few letters of an employee's name.


  • Allow callers to listen to music while on hold.
  • This is a feature that most big companies have.

Genuine 800 Number

  • Leverage the impression that you’ll create with your customers by using an original, well-known, toll-free extension number.

Toll-Free Vanity Number

  • Vanity numbers help your clients remember you; just choose a number for branding purposes, or simply for its significance (e.g. 1-800-4-BUY-NOW).

Transfer Existing Toll-Free Number

  • We accept all transfer numbers 100% free of charge.

Additional Toll-Free Numbers

  • Available upon request.

Additional Local Numbers

  • Available upon request.

Call Blocking

  • You can block any phone number or area code from calling your toll-free or local number.